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I had previously been to the Clinic and this time I saw Calum for a problem with my back. I was given advice and exercises to relieve my pain and help with my mobility.  The experience as a whole was great, Calum was very easy going and made me feel at ease.  He explained my treatment to me and what it would help me with going forward. I would certainly recommend the Clinic, very friendly and professional to the last.  You helped me with my back pain and hopefully I will not need to see you again!!  Thank you very, very much Calum.

—Karen, Aged 62, Warehouse Assistant

I've recently seen Calum a few times for shoulder and leg issues.  I wanted to let you know how highly I rate the care he gave me.  From initial assessment and diagnosis, to ongoing monitoring and adjustment of treatment, the result is a big improvement in my mobility with an accompanying reduction in discomfort.  Accompanied with a professional and personable manner, Calum is a real asset to your practice. 

—Meg, Aged 80, Retired

I came to see Calum after having a left knee total replacement.  I was recommended to the clinic by a friend, I had received physio from another source but needed reassurance.  Calum was very knowledgeable, professional, patient and explained all aspects of my physio.  I will be returning and would recommend him to others.

Maria, Aged 73, Retired

I went to see Emma with a shoulder problem, she confirmed it was a shoulder impingement.  She has carried out exercises with me to do in clinic and at home.  I'm so pleased with the results so far.  Not fully sorted yet, but well on the way.  

Emma is lovely and has made me feel very welcome.

Karen, Aged 62, Office based

I saw Calum and he got me feeling better and doing more.  He gave easy instructions and exercises, which is very good for me.  I would recommend the clinic.

Chris, Aged 70, Retired

I was getting pain mainly in my upper back, shoulder and neck.  My GP suggested trying a chiropractor, which I did.  It did help alleviate the pain for some time, but then stopped being effective.  I needed something else and was recommended to try The Hinckley Physiotherapy Clinic by a family member who had used them with success.

Treatment started once a month and improvement was felt quite quickly, ongoing treatment has virtually eradicated the pain and returned me to full movement in the area.  I can now lie on my left side, which I couldn't before.  This in turn has helped with my gastrointestinal issues.

Gastrointestinal issues have been ongoing for a few years, it was only talking with Emma that made me fully realise that my pelvic floor was likely to be contributing to, if not the cause of my problems.

I am now having pelvic floor treatment, which is certainly helping, I am feeling better in myself and now need to keep up both treatment and exercise in the hope that the pain and issues will be eradicated in due course.

I would recommend to family and friends to use the clinic, as staff are welcoming and proffessional.  It's easy to drive to, no trouble parking, but most significantly it is effective.

Julia, Aged 70, Retired

Sarah's approach, explanations, putting me at ease, helping me understand etc, etc was simply fantastic.  I feel so much better already.

Vicki, Aged 49, Manager

I contacted the Clinic due to a painful neck and shoulder.  I saw the Clinic on Google and the reviews were great.  From start to finish, all of the physio's have been very professional and helped me understand my injury and how to manage my recovery.  I have recommended this Clinic to others and will continue to do so.  Thank you!

 Karl, Aged 42, Letting Agent

I have hyper laxity at my joints and my ankle was regularly twisting during football matches.  My Tamworth Academy coach suggested I get some physiotherapy.  I chose to see Sarah because I have known her a long time, as my mum goes there.  She helped by giving me a strengthening exercise to do and a stretchy band to use.  Sarah slowly made me do more each week - it was hard!

Sarah was good because she gave me a scale of 1-10 if it hurt and stopped if it was too much.  I think the physio's are fantastic and I would recommend it to others.

—Oliver, Aged 9

I first used The Hinckley Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd, when I was running some years ago.  I was recommended by a fellow runner who used the Clinic.  I no longer run, but over the years have picked up a few problems.  Each time I have come back for treatment. During one of these appointments, after I had been advised by the doctor that the pain I had in my leg was sciatica, Sarah was not happy with this diagnosis and reassessed me.  Sarah suggested that it might be intermittent claudication of the femoral artery.  With this information, I was able to speak to the Doctor again.  To cut a long story short, I ended up having surgery to remove the blockage.

From my experience at the Clinic, I would recommend them to anyone who has not tried them and feel that they need a physiotherapist.  A very professional service at this Clinic, not cheap, but well worth the money.

— Margaret, Aged 73, Retired

After struggling for a number of years playing with a sore shoulder, I finally decided enough was enough and sought the help of Sarah.  After only one session, I received a diagnosis of my injury and a detailed plan of rehabilitation, covering the many areas which has contributed to the pain I was experiencing, such as posture, muscular imbalance and mobility issues.

After following the advised treatment plan, I am delighted to be back bowling again, pain free, which I never thought I would, and with the knowledge and understanding of how I can manage my body better to prevent the injury and pain reoccurring in the future.  I couldn't recommend Sarah highly enough, her professionalism, knowledge and experience and my only regret is, not having booked an appointment years ago.

— Harry, Aged 28, Coventry and North Warwickshire CC & Marylebone Cricket Club

I came to the clinic with aching shoulders and lower back.  I felt a lot better after the first treatment and through doing the exercises I was given, in between regular treatments, I felt better than ever.

I would definitely recommend The Hinckley Physiotherapy Clinic to all and love how passionate Sarah is about the work she does.  Keep up the good work!

— Anisha, Aged 26, Sales

Sarah was recommended to me by a colleague who had been a patient and assured me that the terrible pain I was experiencing with my knee would soon be a thing of the past.  How true, my first visit was good, Sarah put me at ease and explained what was the probable cause of my pain and the treatment required.  I enjoyed my appointments because it felt more like being with friends, rather than a medical clinic.  When I was discharged after the treatment, I was sad, I so enjoyed the massages and how I felt afterwards.

I think all of the above explains exactly how much I would recommend The Hinckley Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd to others.

— Jan. Aged 71, Admin

Many thanks for all your hard work, in patching up the Scotland team during the TKDI World Championships.  You were brilliant.

— Luke McGowan, TAGB Scotland National Team Coach

What a weekend.  Two weeks before this event I got the worst news possible, that I had broken a bone in my foot.  Huge thank you to Sarah, who gave me the confidence and ability to even stand on that mat.  I couldn't have won a world title this weekend, if it wasn't for you.  

—Hazel, Aged 28, Ladies heavyweight TKDI World Champion 2016, Scotland TAGB

I had a severe knee problem when I went to see Sarah, she was really professional and advised I see a Consultant.  After my operation, the therapy I received was clear, concise and very effective.  Sarah always make you feel at ease.

I would, and have recommended The Hinckley Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd to others.  Sarah is a first class Physiotherapist.

—Barbara, Aged 64, Retired

The injury I had was an Achilles injury.  I was recommended to come to the Hinckley Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd, by my rugby club.  I was given exercises to help me get stronger and liked the fact that I knew I was getting better.  I found it interesting, helpful and informative and would recommend you to others. 

—Solomon, Aged 13

Excellent experience, friendly and helpful.  Things were explained in simple English and not medical terms that I wouldn't understand.

Highly recommended to friends, family and others.

—Lindsey, Aged 35, Hairdresser

I first came to Sarah in 2013 with a foot injury.  She helped me fix it by telling me what was wrong and that I should wrap it with tape.  I then went to Sarah with a shoulder/knee injury.  She gave me some exercises to do for them; each exercise helping my body repair and recover.

I really liked that the Clinic listens to what your injury is and how it may have happened, so that they are able to quickly discover what has actually happened.  They assess and then give exercises to help repair your body.

I love The Hinckley Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd and would definitely recommend them to others, because they have helped me so much with my sports.  I also get along with Sarah really well and everyone else who works there.

—Carys, Aged 14, 200m Breaststroke British Silver Medallist 2017

Having a lot of pain and discomfort on my knee, I went to see Sarah from a recommendation.  After the consultation, I was referred to a specialist to examine further.

Due to my health insurance company, I had to have physio through another company, I lasted two sessions.  Having worked with Sarah, I simply will not go anywhere else.  Her knowledge is second to none and I feel totally confident and positive that the outcome will be as I hope it to be.  I 100% believe in Sarah and would rather pay to see her, than go and see another physio who is registered with my insurance company.  Now that says it all!

—Alastair, Aged 48, Managing Director

After 30 years of lower back pain and hip problems, years of treatment, a friend suggested I visit Sarah Scott.  It was the best advice ever.  After my first visit, I knew I had found someone who could improve my mobility.

I still have regular sessions, but can't explain the difference Sarah has made to my life. Everyone on her team gives support and encouragement. I would recommend anyone with a problem to give her a call.

— Ann, Aged 66, Retired

I injured my arm after twisting during a fall at Leicester City training.  I chose to see Sarah because my mum goes there and she's really good.  She helped me by checking it over and doing some movements to see if it hurt.

I liked that Sarah was kind and checked me really well.  I think it was very, very good at the physiotherapy clinic and I would go back again.

—Jack, Aged 7

I was experiencing problems with my right hip and leg, causing problems walking and sleep interruption.  My job as a Health Care Assistant on a community ward became difficult.  I found the Clinic number online and after a few short weeks, with your help and support exercises, I was able to resume normal duties and was virtually pain free.  I found the clinic's approach friendly, supportive and helpful.  

I am very happy with the outcome and would feel comfortable should I require your help in the future.  I would recommend your services to others without doubt.  I am very pleased and grateful for your assistance.

—Sandra, Aged 62, Health Care Assistant

My neck was very stiff and very painful and I had used the Clinic before and been very satisfied.  I had a massage and tips on how to manage my problem and pain with exercise.  The Clinic is friendly and professional and I had a good experience.  I would definitely recommend The Hinckley Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd to my family and friends.

—Shelagh, Aged 65, Retired

The injury was sports related, it was a torn calf muscle classified as a grade ll.  The Hinckley Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd had been on our radar and was recommended by our GP for private physiotherapy.

Very professional approach to our issues, I was given exercises and programme routines for in between regular appointments.  

I felt they treated you as a whole person, not just an injury or condition.  They gave realistic expectations.  I would recommend and have done so already.  Well done and keep up the good work.

— David, Aged 52, Carpenter

I had a muscle spasm in my back, which was really painful and causing problems with daily life.  Sarah's kind and professional treatment has been invaluable.

Many thanks

— Christine, Aged 82, Retired

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